Reflecting on the Term and the Future of Media: A Final Blog Post

I will soon have to shift from saying “I am studying abroad in the states” to “I just got back from studying abroad in London”. That will be such as change, as I spent so much time preparing for going abroad. It will soon be over, and I could not be happier with how it went. I learned so much, not just from my everyday life in London but my classes as well. Just our past class, our last real lecture class, left me realizing that I have learned so much during my time here. Here is a reflection of my favorites of it all:

London’s Best


My heart is full of love for many things, from my family to my dogs to food. London has managed to make room for itself as I have discovered it’s many part and loved them all, even the not so pretty ones. This city is so diverse, which I was lucky enough to see more of with our field trips, and I find that so amazing. I will be returning to a relatively less diverse school, but I will strive to learn from everyone around me as there is always something to learn. I will definitely be back to London, too.

Guest Speakers

The best part about guest speakers, no matter where they were from, was getting new perspectives. I learned a lot about twitter, girl power, and politics from those who visited us. I enjoyed each one of them as we were able to think critically while also IMG_5697.jpghaving a few laughs.

Weekend Trips

Scottish Highlands; Shot with a Nikon

I was lucky enough to go on several weekend trips this past term. Amsterdam, Brugees, Interlaken, Paris, Dublin, Edinburgh, and Reykjavik were all equally fascinating and beautiful. I do have my favorites, but each trip taught me new things about communication and culture.

I hope to post more to this summer as I reflect on my specific travels and experiences.


Here are some added photos that I’ve taken along the way that I would love to share:


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